Pig of a Relay

The challenge is to complete as many laps of the Pig Route as possible in 24 hours. 2pm to 2pm.

Get a team name. Choose a theme. Dress up. Have fun.

(Get your entry in by Jan 19th to get your team name on the race bib.)

The Rules

  • Teams of up to 6 people – each team member needs to register
  • One team member on the course at a time
  • Team members can run in any order they wish as many times as they wish
  • Slower runners please allow faster runners to pass
  • No more than 3 runners on the swing bridge at any time
  • No support for runner while on the pig route
  • No littering
  • Please be aware this is a public track. Be considerate of other track users
  • No open fires in camping area (camp stoves are allowed)
  • Obey any instructions given to you by race officials
  • Be respectful and look after one another
  • No hunting

The Pig Route

The campsite is located in a paddock at Whare Flat. From the pig pen in the paddock it’s a 6.71 km route with about 130m of vert through some lovely native bush and including a historic water race.

Mostly the trail is very runnable. There are a few stream crossings and near the end there is a swing bridge.

The Campsite

We have a nice grassy area at Whare Flat with enough space for all Pig of a Relay teams to set up 1 tent for each team.

You will need your own water, food and camping equipment. There is a creek nearby but considering runners are going through it upstream every hour you may not want to drink that.

This is a self-supported event with no aid stations provided.

There is no power so bring your own resources for lighting and charging up your gadgets.

We will provide toilets.


$150 per team

Please note each team member needs to be registered

5 piglets in a row: pigs

Logo by @timtrippdesign